What Next?

I grab every window of opportunity! JOY Oh JOY this past week, my NEWEST book In the Deep End – Book Two is with the Proof Reader. This means I can step away from my laptop and BREATHE.


Sue, the professional book Proof Reader, sent me a text last night saying she was enjoying the new novel and was up to Chapter 26. She hoped to have it back to me within a few days. NO!! No, no, no! I need at least another fortnight of lunching with friends, watching television while shouting abuse at global political shortfalls (and not just here in NZ but EVERYWHERE). The world has gone to hell in a handbasket while I’ve been nose down and bum up scrabbling away at my keyboard.


But after five days of relaxed reality, I hankered after my next writing

project. There are two, and I don’t know which one to pursue. I took the plunge on Manuscript Project No. 1, and you can see by the picture it involves elaborate scribbles in notebooks and pencil scratchings on copious A3 pages. Insane maybe – but it maps out the characters, the plots, and subplots, and while I walk the dogs, I think about the twists and turns, the intrigue, and the surprises that await in my NEXT Story. It’s working title is Sophia – but that could change.


Next week, if that ever-efficient Proof Reader doesn’t return my corrected manuscript too soon, I’ll have time to map out Manuscript Project No. 2. Then it will be a time for decisions. I may have to ask you which one you think is the best? But that’s for another NewsBlog! I’ll need to work up a short paragraph for each story-concept, and you can vote for the most intriguing. 


For now – it’s back to impeachment and a creamy slab of Whittakers! Just a plug for the best chocolate in the world! www.whittakers.co.nz ENJOY a great summer weekend!