Whisper Island Puzzle is about to be unleashed.

I’ve just recovered from a bout of Covid over the Xmas break and I’m now trying to decipher my Whisper Island puzzle which plagued my mind while languishing on my death bed.

I scribbled all kinds of “Notes to Self,” about what I needed to include in my new thriller suspense book, Whisper Island.

Pictures tell a thousand words, and you can see from the photo, I now need a world class decoder to help me decipher my feverish rantings while forced to stay in bed for a few days.

I’m at the horrible progress-point of having completed the story, checked it a dozen times, and am about to send to my group of Beta Readers, but remain tormented that I’ve left critical sections out of the character development or the backstories of the  antagonist and protagonist. Or maybe it’s the setting with not enough description? I love to keep a sense of torment and pace in the books I write. I don’t want to slow down but my desire to race ahead can leave gaps.

Why can’t readers use ESP and figure out what I mean – saves me having to write elaborate details! If I had the Kahunas I would ask AI to tell me where the  gaps are, instead, I fear that route may lead to damnation! Haha – in this climate, for now, anyway.

It’s a situation where I know parts of the story MUST BE MISSING. But what are they? It’s like living in a maze without a compass!

Anyway, enough torture for now – I’ve written this instead of improving my Whisper Island story, and now it’s lunchtime. Phew, a half day gone already and no closer to solving this dilemma.  The Whisper Island puzzle pieces are on the table, now I just need to cunningly connect them – so you can all enjoy (I hope) my next offering to the world. 
It’s up for Pre-Order now! I can’t keep Editor waiting much longer either!!

I need a stiff drink and it’s only Noon!

Happy 2024 and hope the New Year is less torturous than 2023!

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