Set in the Pacific Ocean, Whisper Island is exotic and isolated.

It takes three days flying on a couple of small planes to arrive at this remote hideaway. Perfect for my six wayward characters in my new psychological thriller suspense.

I used the real life, Caroline Island as the basis for my fictional Whisper Island. It’s one of the most remote islands on the planet and is 230km (140 miles), from the closest land at Flint Island.

So it made sense for me to place my six characters on Whisper Island, AKA Caroline Island, part of the Kiribati chain. It has an enormous lagoon with spectacular coral reefs and lush rain forests.

There are also Coconut Crabs, and not crabs as you know it!  They weigh 4kg (8.5 lbs) and are one metre (3 yards) long! These creepy critters are the world’s largest terrestrial arthropods. They eat fruits, seeds and meat – yes they scavenge off dead bodies. Way too scary for me! No they don’t feature in Whisper Island!! They move fast and can carry objects weighing up to 30kg! This of something like a three-year-old child!

They can’t breathe under water but they can climb trees up to ten metres high. They can move up to six km a day – that’s almost three miles. How horrifying is this?

I decided not to include them in Whisper Islands story, I write thriller suspense – not horror! Just so you know I had no intention of going to Caroline Island to check the Coconut Crabs out for myself!

Whisper Island is now available on Pre-order here. You can read the Prologue and the blurb on my website and subscribe to my monthly newsletter on

Whisper Island will be released during Mid-March at the latest. So not too long to wait!

Happy Reading!