My new book, Crow’s Song, is finished! But before I take my next breath I’m submitting a corrected, clean draft to a professional Editor and a Proofreader.

AFTER that it will go to about six Beta Readers so they can torment me with any mistakes or inconsistencies not picked up before publishing. Crow’s Song will be ready for readers during February 2022.

I’ve been asked several times in the past few months; “What motivated you to write this historical WWII love story?”

I’ve made a short video clip which explains two key reasons why I wrote Crow’s Song.

The final cover is good to go and thanks again to the excellent designer who managed to translate my clumsy brief into a cover that fits the genre.

Here is the draft of the blurb. This has taken at least four attempts – it’s a science to get this thing right! But it would be great if you can give me any feedback: [email protected]


Based on an incredible true story of two teenagers who survive WWII, finding true love and the courage to escape from war-torn Europe.

At first glance Ava steals Piet’s heart. Speaking different languages and from different cultures, the pair are inseparable as post-war Europe struggles to rebuild after the horrors of the conflict

This is a heart-wrenching narrative of their childhood survival during one of history’s darkest times. Memories of bravery and resistance galvanise the young couple’s escape to a new life in small town New Zealand.

This is a journey of hope and survival. It’s ultimately an inspiring love story, brought vividly to life through diaries discovered by their grandson seventy years later.

Highly recommended for lovers of historical fiction and fans of Beneath A Scarlet Sky, Not Without My SisterThe Nightingale, and the Tattooist of Auschwitz.

The original first chapter has been swapped out and the structure and content changed from the original draft. So, I will put up more chapters once they are proofed and edited for you to see the tone of the writing.

Look forward to any feedback.