I took two pages of the draft text for my next new book.

Working title, Crow’s Nest, and decided to hone it down to basics. This is what I ended up with!

No one noticed, but suddenly the crickets and birds fell ominously silent. Only the faint summer breeze gently moved into the lounge, making the heavy drapes sashay across the carpet, as the three young cousins played, oblivious. Initially, if you stood outside and strained your ears you could hear a very low hum. It could have been a swarm of bees. The noise grew louder but the girls were completely unaware.

Abruptly, a massive explosion rocked the house on its foundations. They screamed in unison clinging onto Aunt Connie as the blast threw them to the floor. Transparent shards of glass, pieced the air, thrusting themselves into the upholstered lounge suite and shredding the top story of their doll’s house.

This new story is set in England and the Netherlands from 1941 onwards. The above relates to the bombing of London and I wanted to create a sense of foreboding and fear.